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Pergola, Gazebo or Summer House – Which is Right for Me?

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OK so you have been saving hard for that Caribbean holiday (okay…. a fortnight in Wemyss Bay) but the travel restrictions are preventing you from spending your hard-earned cash on a holiday, so perhaps you’ve decided to invest in your own Outdoor Garden Staycation 2021, no factor 50 required!

Depending on what level of lockdown the country is currently embroiled in, chances are the best you can expect this Summer is having a few friends to your garden for an evening of socially distanced banter and booze.

But what is the best garden structure for you?


A pergola is basically a gazebo without a roof.  A traditional feature of the pergola is usually a slatted open roof allowing the rare summer sun to greet you.  It’s because of the light/heat combo that pergolas are great for growing climbing plants such as ivy, vines, and sweetpea. thus providing your garden with a whiff of exotic Mediterranean life.  Only providing partial shelter for the user – especially if the plants are growing over the roof – though no amount of plant life will keep you safe from Scottish Summer rain!  

 So if you are green-fingered and enjoy the buzzing of the bees, this could be the one for you!

Summer House/Gym/Office/Salon/Bar

An outdoor structure such as a summer house offers you a definitive “indoor outdoors” experience.  As the name suggests, it is a completely enclosed outdoor structure including roof, glazing, and doors.  One of the benefits is that you can use it all year round with the same level of comfort, though you won’t catch any sun from inside your summer house. 

All outdoor structures are lifestyle products but the summer house probably more so than most.  Its usage extends well beyond a spot of outdoor living and socialising, with many people choosing to use their summer house to host gyms, offices, salons, bars, and just as an additional living space. 

With restrictions loosening and a new norm returning, the summer house will likely become another room for socialising, or a “Gaff” for the younger members of your family!

The summer house is the biggest investment of the three, but it is also the most adaptable in usage, it’s  a great asset if you’re short of space or privacy in your home. This is the one for you.


A gazebo probably offers you the most flexibility when it comes to outdoor interactions.  Much like the pergola, it offers the most ornamental design for your garden space.  Like the summer house, it has a roof and offers a shelter – though being a structure without walls, you can use it for outdoor socialising during these covid times, regardless of the season.   In the Summer you can shelter from the rare Scottish sun, and if you enjoy gathering around the hearth and stoking the firepit in true Viking style, surrounded by scintilating company throughout the seasons, then the gazebo may be the one for you! 

A gazebo can be used for:

  • Outdoor dining
  • A shelter for your hot tub
  • A venue for hosting friends
  • A focal point for your garden
  • An intimate place for private reflection
  • Outdoor fun all year round

If you want a flexible outdoor space that offers shelter and all the benefits of outdoor living then the gazebo is for you.

What Next?

From an investment perspective, an outdoor structure doesn’t necessarily count towards the “volume” of your home but it certainly adds value.  

When you buy an outdoor structure, remember you are not just investing in your home, you are investing in your life!

To talk to someone about how to enhance your life and your outdoor space get in touch. info@thegazeboguys.co.uk

From concept to construction, we’ve got you covered!