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How much will my gazebo cost?

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How Much Does a Gazebo or Pergola Cost?

Day 378 of Restrictions……..

Perhaps you are climbing the lockdown walls, longing for spring/ summer and spending more time outdoors.  Maybe you want to improve your garden space with a practical solution for outdoor entertaining, a timber Gazebo or Pergola could be the solution.   It is looking increasingly unlikely we will be travelling abroad this year, you may want to create your own little piece of holiday heaven in your garden, allowing for safe socialising with friends and family as the lockdown restrictions are eased.  Either way, you have decided a gazebo or pergola might be a good investment for you!

So, with no flights, hotels, or factor 50 to pay for this year, just how much of your Summer Holiday Fund do you need to commit to your Gazebo/Pergola garden furniture project?

The answer is…… it depends….

There are a few factors you need to take into consideration.  Including:

  • The size and style of the gazebo or pergola you are interested in.
  • The design and your specific requirements as discussed with Stuart.
  • Preparation of the land prior to installation may include using an excavator to lay foundations to secure the structure.
  • Finally, the good bit……Bells and whistles and all that entails,  including a perspex screen, stargazer panels, retractable roofing systems, an outside bar, tv box, lighting…. we could go on….

 We are not trying to skirt around the question.  There is a general rule of thumb that your gazebos or pergola will cost you anywhere between £1500 for a basic pergola up to… well the sky’s the limit, depending on YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS!!….

What’s Included in the Cost?


You will be pleased to hear that when placing a Gazebo or Pergola in your garden or attached to your home you will be unlikely to need planning permission or be required to jump through any council red tape to get your gazebo erected.  That said, it is still a construction project so there may be some added complexities that requires some careful thought from a qualified engineer, enter Stuart.

The Gazebo Guys will survey your garden, land, external home, and consult with you fully prior to any purchase of our Gazebos or Pergolas to give the best advice on how to proceed with a build


The biggest cost is likely to be the material used for the build of your project.

Although gazebos can be made from different types of material – vinyl, as seen in pop-up options (less expensive) and metal (usually more expensive) – at The Gazebo Guys, we ONLY use FSC treated, sustainably sourced Timber, Hardwood, and Spruce.

Our builds are environmentally friendly, furnishing your garden space with a natural resource, offering longevity and permanence in comparison to the less environmentally friendly disposable flimsy vinyl options.

  Our designs include vented roofs so that you can safely use a firepit or BBQ underneath, without any risk to the structure.  So, we might use a bit more timber; but it is worth it for the flexibility and safety of this unique feature.

 A Timber Gazebo or Pergola is the best investment for your garden furniture, less expensive than their metal counterparts, furthermore, timber will weather the storm and stand the test of time proudly.


Were you to purchase an off-the-shelf gazebo and hire someone to build it, you would typically incur substantial additional costs to erect your garden structure. The Gazebo Guys take your project from Conception to Completion, all costs will be included in your quote, meaning, there are no surprises in terms of the ground preparation and the structure of the build.   

I Want a Gazebo or a Pergola?!  What Next?

Have a wander through your garden, chat with your family and then when you have an idea of how you see your garden life unfolding, call us or drop us a message at info@thegazeboguys.co.uk.

 From Concept to Construction, The Gazebo Guys have got you covered.