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How Long will my Gazebo Last?

How Long Will my Gazebo Last?

A gazebo will last you between 1 day and 50 years!

“Whaaat???!” ……I hear you scream at your screen!…..  Why the discrepancy? 

Well, depending on your choice of Gazebo, be it of the “canvas pop-up” variety which will last a couple of years, subject to weather,  or one of the the various types of wooden options we supply;

 Hard wood offers a 50 -year life span,

 Spruce offers a 25- year life span,

Treated timber offers a 15- year life span.

Pop Up Gazebos – Pros & Cons

Quick story:

We once had a friend who ‘invested’ in a pop-up gazebo for a Summer family BBQ.   

Of course, being June, and being Glasgow, they failed to account for the ubiquitous Scottish BBQ weather (for those not privy to Scottish weather that means gale force winds and driving rain).   

The gazebo (being Glaswegian after all) put up one hell of a fight.  It lasted the duration of the event, but it didn’t last the night, finding itself a new home at number 74 (three doors down) by the next morning. 

True story!

Although dramatic, it isn’t often the case that your pop-up gazebo will relocate within hours of being erected.  But, along with trampolines and wheelie bins, it definitely makes the “top three most mobile garden ‘furniture’ during a storm” listicle.  Normally, a cheaper canopy will last you a year or two.

 If you don’t have space for a permanent structure or if you want the flexibility of adding and removing it from you garden as you see fit…then a pop-up option may be for you!

Permanent Wooden Gazebos

Contrast this with a permanent construction such as a wooden gazebo.  Besides offering a beautiful feature for your garden, a wooden gazebo will give you shelter for many years to come.  The Gazebo Guys present hand built wooden gazebos with a uniquely designed vented roof. This was initially intended to allow for the circulation of air when using a firepit or chiminea, by default also preventing the probability of an overzealous storm taking your furniture for a trip round your neighbours gardens….

Most people who chose a wooden gazebo are drawn to the natural beauty of the timber, which changes hue with the weather. Blending in beautifully within your garden space, offering you an organic, covered shelter for garden gatherings in all seasons, or for your own piece of zen and personal reflection, for decades to come.

Wood, being a natural product, will, of course, weather with age.  With regular maintenance however, you can improve the life expectancy of your gazebo or even enhance it over time.  

How to Enhance the Life Expectancy of Your Wooden Gazebo

  • Keep it clean – remove leaves, twigs and debris from the roof and floor. 
  • Wash your gazebo once a year with water and a mild soap to loosen any dirt or mould which could stain it over time.
  • You’re not going to be the only one who loves your gazebo – keep an eye out for insect nests and webs to ensure you are not attracting the wrong type of guest.
  • Feel free to stain or repaint the wood to a colour of your choice. You could switch it up every few years to give it a new lease of life.

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