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How much will my gazebo cost?

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How Much Does a Gazebo or Pergola Cost? Day 378 of Restrictions…….. Perhaps you are climbing the lockdown walls, longing for spring/ summer and spending more time outdoors.  Maybe you want to improve your garden space with a practical solution for outdoor entertaining, a timber Gazebo or Pergola could be the solution.   It is looking increasingly unlikely we will be travelling abroad this year, you may want to create your own little piece of holiday heaven in your garden, allowing… Read More »How much will my gazebo cost?

How Long will my Gazebo Last?

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How Long Will my Gazebo Last? A gazebo will last you between 1 day and 50 years! “Whaaat???!” ……I hear you scream at your screen!…..  Why the discrepancy?  Well, depending on your choice of Gazebo, be it of the “canvas pop-up” variety which will last a couple of years, subject to weather,  or one of the the various types of wooden options we supply;  Hard wood offers a 50 -year life span,  Spruce offers a 25- year life span, Treated timber offers… Read More »How Long will my Gazebo Last?